Exploration of Konni aanakkood

About this place

Konni aanakkood is an elephant training center located in Pathanamthitta District in kerala, India.

It is currently used to  keep wounded elephants and baby elephants, which gets separated from their herd.

They are kept in huge cages made of logs.  These cages are called ‘aanakkood'(ആനക്കൂട്) in malayalam.

Behaviour of baby elephants and  cages are the main attraction here. Baby elephants are so mischievous than a human baby in all senses!

Watching them play is pure joy 🙂

Occasionally, they may allow elephant rides as well, which will also be a wonderful experience. Riding one of the heaviest terrestrial animals should definitely be something to be remembered forever!

You can see several elephants which are tamed, and closely observe them without fearing any harm.





Main attractions in Konni aanakkood


Construction of cages made of log which are so strong that an elephant can't break it.

baby elephants

Mischievous ones, which makes any mom, glad that their children are better.

elephant rides

An opportunity to ride on one of the heaviest terrestrial animals!

Location of Konni Aanakkood can be seen in the following google map.






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