Pathiramanal Island

About this Place

Pathiramanal Island (പാതിരാമണൽ ) means ‘sands of night’. It is home for around 100 local species of birds and a lot of migratory birds.

Main attraction here are birds and the scenic beauty. You can enjoy fresh breath for sure as it is like a small jungle isolated from mainland.

There are walkways through the middle of island to the other end, so that you can reach the other end in 5-10 minutes if you are lazy to walk a lot :).

There is a natural trench like structure that don’t let you move to other parts of island from this walkway, but you can certainly roam around once you reach the other end of the island, if you like to explore more. 🙂

Island has a lot of little non-hazardous swamps which makes little obstructions for you to move around freely, but that certainly adds fun to cross them :). If you don’t care about having a little mud on your shoes, try them !!!

Songs from Asian koels add to the mood. You will hear a lot of chattters and chirps from other birds as well.

It is certain that you will not miss eagles in this island as there are a lot of them around the walkway.

What I most enjoyed about this place is that it is mostly calm , since there are not much tourists around. When I reached there at around 11:20. a security guard and three of us were the only humans in that island ! Imagine having a private island for you just to spend some time in the wild,(but not soo wild) 😀

Main attractions


Almost 100 local species of birds and a lot of migratory birds.

Fresh air

Fresh breath in a jungle which is isolated from main land.


Scenic beauty

How to reach

Since Pathiramanal is an island, you cannot reach there by private vehicles. Most convenient place to board a boat is Muhamma in Alapuzha District.

Pathiramanal Island is around 1.5kms from SWTD Boat Jetty Muhamma. You can find private boats as well, but Kerala State Water Transport Department provides services there.

There can be additional boat services during peak seasons, but regular boat service is from Muhamma to Pathiramanal at 11 am.

Boat service back to Muhamma are at 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. Since there are only a few number of passengers, minimum 10 passengers are needed for a trip for the regular service. If you are a group of less than 5 people, just offer them ticket charge for 5 and they will run the service although you are a group of less than 10. Ticket charge per person is 40 Rs for Water Transport Department.


Entry fees at Pathiramanal island is 10 Rs per person.





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